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EVOLUTION: Premium Pet Foods & Supplements Designed to Increase Extra Healthy Years Of Life For Cats & Dogs. 28 Years Of Experimentation & Development. Documentation Available. (© 2018)

All Information regarding Evolution Pet Foods and Competitor’s Pet Foods is confirmed as factual by Dr. Lester Friedlander, BA, DVM, Former USDA Chief Inspector.  Dr. Friedlander left the USDA because he could not tolerate the practices of Top USDA Officials. Sick & Substandard Animals are allowed to be used for Pet Foods and are used for Pet Foods throughout the Regular, Premium and Super Premium Pet Food Industry. This may be why there are so many Toxic Pet Food Recalls. Evolution has never had 1 Toxic Recall since it started making Pet Foods in 1989.

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History of Eric Weisman, (not a healthcare practice) and Evolution@Petfoodshop.com

Eric Weisman grew up in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and then moved to Minneapolis – St. Paul, Minnesota to complete his Chiropractic Physician, Radiology, Physical Therapy, Nutrition, Acupuncture, Medical Science & Medical Pathology Training at Northwestern Health Sciences University.

Before graduating with a B Average overall, Eric became most interested in Nutrition and Supplement Compound Technology for the application to Internal Disease.

Eric started rescuing Homeless Dogs, Cats and Other Animals shortly after graduating from Chiropractic College.  Eric began his life as a strict ethical vegetarian from the time he was 18 Years Old.  He later became a ethical Vegan.

After graduating Northwestern Chiropractic College and completing his national boards in the 93rd Percentile, Eric continued his interest in applied supplement compounds for disease.

For well over Two and a Half Decades (Over 27 Years) Eric Weisman and Evolution@petfoodshop.com have brought Public Attention to the Dangerous Ingredients in Commercial Pet Grade Foods, Dog & Cat Treats and Corporate Chemical Drugs used by Veterinarians treating Dogs, Cats.  Evolution@Petfoodshop.com has run multiple National Magazine Ads, TV Ads and Radio Ads to notify the Public about the inadequacy and outright misrepresentation on Pet Food Ingredient labels.

Eric has consistently warned the Public regarding the dangers of eating Meat, Poultry, Fish Dairy and Eggs and the use of corporate Chemical Drugs & Radiation used in Meat Poultry Fish Dairy and Egg Production and Processing .

Eric has repeatedly alerted the Public that the Chemical Drugs, Radiation, Animal Fat and LDL Cholesterol found only in Meat Poultry Fish Dairy and Eggs are the leading causes of the Millions of Deaths in the US and Canada every Year and that the Corporate Medical Chemical Drug Industry does not want People to know this connection.  These facts are proven in the largest medical – population study in Human History:  The Multi-Decade Oxford – China Study completed by T. Collin Campbell.

Eric attends local Anti Vivisection and Animal Abolitionist Protests.

For the above reasons, Paid Off Minnesota Government Officials in The Chiropractic Board, The Veterinary Board and The other state offices in the State Health Dept. and even the Sherriff’s Office have brought phony, trumped up charges against Eric Weisman and The Evolution Pet Food and Evolution Health Science Companies.  The Minnesota Government has also hired Paid Off Thug Corporate Journalists to attack Eric Weisman, (not a healthcare practice) and Evolution@Petfoodshop.com with phony stories that are taken out of context and with outright lies.

The State of Minnesota is one of the biggest Animal Torturing and Killing States in the World if not the biggest per Capita and brings more charges against more Animal Rights, Animal Liberation Activists than perhaps any state in the N. America or perhaps the World.

State of Minnesota Government Politicians take big Campaign Money Payoffs, Job Offer Pay Offs (after and sometimes during their Government Posts) and Speaking Engagement Pay Offs as bribes for damaging Animal Anti Vivisectionists , Animal Rights,  Animal Abolitionist – Vegans and Companies that promote not harming Non Human Animals.  The State of MN hires Hand Picked Corporatist Judges, Sheriff and Police Chiefs to prejudice the Legal System to protect the Corporate Financial Interests of the Meat Poultry Fish Slaughter Industry and Chemical Drug Companies like 3 M, Parke Davis, Mer ke, Monsanto, etc.

Minnesota is the biggest Animal Trapping, Torturing, Hunting and Fishing States Per Capita in N. America if not the World.   MN Politicians also take Bribes and Perks from the Weapons Industry.  This is manifest in how the MN State Gov. promotes the torturing and killing of tens of millions of Wild and Domestic Animals every Year.

The University of Minnesota and their Regents and Chair People also receive Grants (Pay Offs) from The Chemical Drug Giants and Meat Poultry Fish Slaughter Industry to brainwash and misinform students in their Medical School and Veterinary Programs regarding the abuse and killing of Animals and necessity of Brutally Animal Tested Chemical Drugs, Surgery and Radiation versus the use of Compassionately Tested Supplement Compounds that repair the body instead of poisoning it.

Evolution Pet Food is not intended to cure, treat, diagnose or prevent any disease. The FDA has not evaluated Evolution Pet Foods.