History of Eric Weisman


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EVOLUTION: Premium Pet Foods & Supplements Designed to Increase Extra Healthy Years Of Life For Cats & Dogs. 28 Years Of Experimentation & Development. Documentation Available. (© 2018)

Evolution Cat & Dog Foods are the only 100% Complete For All Life Stage Plant Protein Cat & Dog Foods made in N. America according to Nutrition Research Council (NRC) and American Assoc. Of Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) Nutrition Requirements.


History of Eric Weisman, (not a healthcare practice) and Evolution Pet Food.

Eric Weisman grew up in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and then moved to Minneapolis – St. Paul, Minnesota to complete his Chiropractic Physician, Radiology, Physical Therapy, Nutrition, Acupuncture, Medical Science & Medical Pathology Training at Northwestern Health Sciences University.

Before graduating with a B Average overall, Eric became most interested in Nutrition and Supplement Compound Technology for the application to Internal Disease.

Eric started rescuing Homeless Dogs, Cats and Other Animals shortly after graduating from Chiropractic College.  Eric began his life as a strict ethical vegetarian from the time he was 18 Years Old.  He later became a ethical Vegan.

After graduating Northwestern Chiropractic College and completing his national boards in the 93rd Percentile, Eric continued his interest in applied supplement compounds for disease.

For well over Two and a Half Decades (Over 27 Years) Eric Weisman and Evolution Pet food have been producing high quality pet food for our customers. Feeding 100% Complete Pet Food means you will feed more concentrated food and less food to your Pet, because Evolution Pet Foods are more nutritionally complete than all other Vegan Plant Protein Pet Foods made in N. America.

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  1. Cat – Dog Kidney Support Compound Drops for Healthy & Stable Kidney Function 2 Fluid Oz.:
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  2. Omega-3 Support for Cats/Dogs for Immune System, Joint & Brain Function Enhancement 180 Soft Gel Caps:
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  3. Urinary Tract Support for Cats/Dogs that require Urinary Tract Normal Function 90 Tabs:
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  4. Immune System Support for Cats/Dogs that need Protein Support of Immune System 90 Tabs:
    On Sale 19.99
  5. Joint Support For Cats/Dogs for Healthy Joints 90 Chewable Tablets:
    On Sale $18.39
  6. Pet Relaxant helps keep your Dog/Cat Calm & Relaxed 90 Chewable Tablets:
    On Sale $15.19
  7. Gastro-Intestinal Support for help with Gastric Distress 90 Chewable Tablets:
    On Sale $20.79

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Evolution Pet Food is not intended to cure, treat, diagnose or prevent any disease. The FDA has not evaluated Evolution Pet Foods.