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Evolution Pet Foods & Nat’l Health Consulting Services Gives Special Thanks To All People Who Go Vegetarian & especially Vegan: We cannot say this emphatically enough. We are working together to Save All Non Humans, Humans & Our Planet. No movement or dedication is more important.

The 1st & Only Vegan Cat & Dog Food Co. making 100% Complete Protein Pet Foods For All Life Stages According To AAFCO (American Assoc. of Feed Control Officials) & the NRC (Nutrition Research Council) Nutrient Requirements. Evolution Dry Kibble Gourmet Pet Foods are designed to be served in either a Dry State or Moist State. If you serve them in their Moist State, they will expand and your Cat or Dog will eat less food.


1.**Evolution Moistened Dry Kibble Foods are a Bargain at under $1.00 per Lb. in today’s economy based on the 40 Lb. Bag Cost. Every 254 grams (1 Lb) becomes 762 grams (3 Lb.) of Complete Protein Moist Pet Food when 1 Part Water is added to 1 Part Evolution Dry Kibble Foods. This brings the cost of Evolution down to about $1.00 Per Pound (254 Grams) with the 20 Lb. Bag or well under $1.00 Per Lb. 40 Lb. Bag. Let Evolution Dry Kibble saturate for 1 Hr. or for absolute best results let hydrated food sit in refrigerator over night before serving with a little lemon juice before serving. Use Distilled or Filtered Water for better results.

2.**Dry Kibble food should never be fed to Cats or Dogs because Dry Kibble Sharp Edges scrape and scar the lining of the esophagus and small intestine. Dry Kibble Foods also dehydrate the Cat & Dog causing Kidney & Urinary Tract Failure and that is avoided by using Moist Kibble Food.

3.** Evolution Moist Kibble are absorbed and utilized far more efficiently than Dry Kibble foods so Cats & Dogs Fill Up On 35%-50% Less Food, Defecate 35%-50% Less Stool Formation & Produce Up To 80% Less Fecal Odor while Feeding Costs 35%-50% Less than with other Vegan & Flesh Based Dry Kibble Foods.

4.**Always a Free Consultation regarding Cat-Dog Illnesses 1-651-221-9056 (not for practice of veterinary medicine)

Go Vegan & Get Dogs-Cats to Go Vegan! Millions of Animals Freeze to Death, Die of Heat Stroke or Suffocation in their own Sewage in Unheated, Non-Ventilated Confinement, Operations throughout the U.S. & Canada everyday. Go Vegan: Do Not Support The Brutal Meat, Poultry, Fish Torture-Slaughter Industry in any way. Tell Others to do the Same. Buy Only From Vegan Companies & Do Not Trust “Humane” Labels On Any Animal Based Products. There is little if any enforcement of Humane Labeled Animal Products.

EVOLUTION is the ONLY Pet Grade Dog-Cat Food Co. in N. America not using the Flesh, Blood and Sewage of Sick, Terrorized Animals That Are Butchered or Ground Up While Fully Conscious according to Lester Friedlander, BA, DVM, Former USDA DVM, Food Safety Inspector – Supervisory Medical Officer, Former USDA Veterinary Medical Trainer of The Year, Now President of “Citizens Against Equine Slaughter”, 2305 Ashland St., Ashland , OR, 97520,

Watch Joaquin Phoenix’ amazing documentary online for free at: earthlings the entire movie

Watch the shocking environmental documentary Cowspiracy at: http://www.filmsforaction.org/watch/cowspiracy-the-sustainability-secret-2014/

All our Evolution Gourmet Pasta & Gourmet Fondue Pet Foods are Non GMO, Non MSG, Vegan Cheese Flavored Pet Foods.

Evolution Pet Food has won numerous National, International Magazine, Association and Reader’s Poll Awards & Non Profit Organization Accreditations.

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Question: Why are Evolution Pet Foods the World’s Best and Scientifically Advanced Vegan Pet Foods?

Question: Why have Evolution Pet Foods won so many awards, accreditations and honorariums?

The answer: We developed Evolution Pet Foods to provide dogs and cats with the best vegan pet food possible.

Simply put, Evolution Pet Foods have more positives and less negatives then other pet foods.

  • All Evolution Pet Foods have all the Proteins found in Raw Meat, Poultry and Fish plus added amounts of Essential Proteins that have been shown to increase Cardio-Vascular and Immune System Function.
  • What Evolution Pet Foods do not have are all the Synthetic Growth Hormones, Antibiotics, Growth Chemicals, Discarded Animals, Discarded Animal Parts, Diseased Animals, Fecal Matter, Artery Clogging Animal Fat and Cholesterol found in virtually all other Pet Grade Foods. Also: Evolution Pet Foods do not have all the Herbicides and Pesticides that concentrate in Farm Animal Meat, Poultry and Fish.
  • All Regular, Premium and Ultra Premium Animal Based Pet Grade Foods have all the previously mentioned negatives.
  • While no Pet Food is perfect, Evolution Pet Foods come closest. All Evolution Pet Foods are High Protein Plant Based Pet Foods. Evolution gets all its’ proteins from Plant Sources which means all Evolution Pet Foods are Cruelty Free.

Veterinarian Approved for Dogs and Cats … This means Veterinarians have approved Evolution Pet Foods and they feed them to their own Dogs and Cats. Evolution Pet Foods are Vegan-Vegetarian: They have absolutely no Dead, Diseased, Discarded Animal Ingredients or Slaughterhouse Waste Product Ingredients. This means no chance of Toxic Recall from Toxic Meat, Poultry or Fish. Evolution Pet Foods have never been subject to a Toxicity Recall in our entire 24 Plus Years of Production.

Evolution Pet Foods contain only Pure Polyunsaturated Vegetable Oil with Absolutely No Saturated Animal Fat or Cholesterol. Dogs and Cats have been shown to develop High Blood Cholesterol, Heart Disease, Fat Linked Arterial Inflammation, Clogging and Aneurysm Disease on Meat, Poultry and Fish Based Diets.

Evolution Vegan Gourmet Dry Kibble Foods are among the World’s best vegetarian Pet Foods.

We add special Vitamins like Vitamin C & Extra Protein Metabolites like Methionine, Lysine, Taurine, Arganine, Carnitine and Choline to bolster immunity, to strengthen Tissue membranes, Improve Vascular Circulation and Heart Contraction Strength.

We Request our Suppliers only provide Non-GMO Ingredients For All Evolution Pet Foods.

All Evolution Pet Foods have a variety of High Protein Ingredients from our first 3 Ingredients to our added Protein Metabolite Ingredients making up for deficiencies that could exist in both Plant Based and GMO Ingredients. We are convinced the reason why GMO is now a Forefront Issue is that the Meat, Poultry and Fish Industry use it to dissuade the Public regarding the use of Vegan Foods and Vegan Pet Foods while they use high Drug, Chemical and GMO Manipulation of Substandard Meat, Poultry and Fish used in Pet Grade Premium and Organic Pet Foods. Evolution Gourmet Dry Kibble Foods Are Among The Highest Protein Plant Based Pet Foods Made. High Protein Ingredients like Oats, Corn Gluten and Soy Bean Meal are all High Quality Protein Sources with No Animal Fat. Corn Gluten is Corn Based, but it is not Corn. Corn Gluten is the high protein portion of Corn.

Millions of Farm Animals are Freezing To Death in their own sewage on Winter Days like today throughout the Northern States in CAFO’s (Confinement Animal Feeding Operations) and especially throughout this Animal Torturing State called “Mean”esota. There are more Non Human Animals Tortured and Killed Per Person in MN than in any other state in the U.S. or probably The World.

If you are eating the Flesh Blood Sewage and Brain Matter of Innocent Animals and feeding it to your Children, Dogs & Cats , you are contributing to the Torture and Murder of Millions of Non Humans.

The Non Human Animals Freezing to Death & Dying in the 1300 CAFO’s, including Unventilated – Unheated Cow, Pig Sheep Fish Farms, Hatcheries, Slaughterhouses and Rendering Operations in “Mean”esota alone are suffering horrifically.

The Millions of Animals that suffer and die in freezing Nazi CAFO’s, Hatcheries before being slaughtered are the Animals that go into All Flesh Based Pet Foods including Organic and Premium Pet Grade Foods.

The World Peace Diet Phone Conference Group

Welcome: Please join our Free Weekly Vegan Phone Conference for “The World Peace Diet”

Call 1-712-432-3900, then press Access Code 568364# every Sunday at 8 PM Eastern Time U.S., 7 PM Central Time, 8 PM Eastern, 5 PM Pacific, 6 PM Mountain, 3 PM Hawaii Time.

Instead of eating the Flesh, Blood & Sewage of other Tortured Animals, eat the Vegan Veggie Burger, Veggie Hot Dog and Veggie Chic’n Pattie Version “Crispy” on the outside. They taste much better and they are much safer. They are in your Grocer’s Frozen Health Food Section now and they are On Sale at Walmart, Target, Cub, Trader Joe’s & your favorite Grocery Store, . Your Animal Companions can also go Vegan by eating Evolution & Not Animals

Evolution Pet Food is not intended to cure, treat, diagnose or prevent any disease. The FDA has not evaluated Evolution Pet Foods.

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