Special Discounts

Make sure to visit our Special Discounts page often as we will update it frequently!

We Offer Huge Group Discounts for Animal Welfare Groups, Animal Rescue Operations, Shelters and Animal Rights Groups. Please phone in to get this offer at 1-651-221-9056.

We also offer Affiliate Discounts, so if a person refers other persons, the Affiliate who refers a person can get 15% off their next Pet food Order if they phone and tell us who they referred.

Phone in for this offer at 1-651-221-9056. Special Discounts

  • 15% discount to all first time buyers. New buyers may have phone in at 1-800-659-0104 to ask for the 1st Time discount, because there is no equipment to make an electronic discount

Other Specials:

  • Free 1/2 pound $6.95 Bag of our Vegan Cheesy – Meaty Yeast Flavor for any 20 Lb or 40 Lb. Bag or Full Case of Moist Food Purchaser that phones in an order or attaches the special instruction to add the 1/2 pound bag to their e-order.
  • Free ¼ pound bag $4.95 Bag of our Vegan Cheesy – Meaty Yeast Flavor with any 5 Lb. or 10 Lb bag or any ½ Case of Pet Food

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