Gourmet Maximum Life Cat and Dog Food


The World’s Most Advanced High Fortification Pet Foods & Supplement Compounds for Disease!

EVOLUTION: Premium Pet Foods & Supplements Designed to Increase Extra Healthy Years Of Life For Cats & Dogs. 28 Years Of Experimentation & Development. Documentation Available. (© 2018)

Evolution Cat & Dog Foods are the only 100% Complete For All Life Stage Plant Protein Cat & Dog Foods made in N. America according to Nutrition Research Council (NRC) and American Assoc. Of Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) Nutrition Requirements.


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  1. Cat – Dog Kidney Support Compound Drops for Healthy & Stable Kidney Function 2 Fluid Oz.:
    On Sale $44.95 Per Bottle
  2. Omega-3 Support for Cats/Dogs for Immune System, Joint & Brain Function Enhancement 180 Soft Gel Caps:
    On Sale $15.19 Per Bottle
  3. Urinary Tract Support for Cats/Dogs that require Urinary Tract Normal Function 90 Tabs:
    On Sale $12.79
  4. Immune System Support for Cats/Dogs that need Protein Support of Immune System 90 Tabs:
    On Sale 19.99
  5. Joint Support For Cats/Dogs for Healthy Joints 90 Chewable Tablets:
    On Sale $18.39
  6. Pet Relaxant helps keep your Dog/Cat Calm & Relaxed 90 Chewable Tablets:
    On Sale $15.19
  7. Gastro-Intestinal Support for help with Gastric Distress 90 Chewable Tablets:
    On Sale $20.79

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Gourmet Maximum Life Pet Foods are Hypoallergenic, Non Grain, Non Gluten, Non GMO Ingredient Baked Dry Kibbles. They include Sunflower Seeds (20% Protein), Pea Protein (60% Protein), Non Filler-Non Reactive High Protein Soybean Meal (40% Protein), Whole Peas (10% Protein) and Whole Potato (7% Protein). Maximum Life are our Lowest Chemical Content Pet Foods along with our Canned Moist Foods. Gourmet Maximum Life are among the very lowest Chemical Content Pet Foods in the World including comparisons to all Organic Pet Foods.

Gourmet Maximum Life Cat and Dog Foods are 100% Complete Essential Protein Pet Foods for All Life Stages of Cats and Dogs According To AAFCO and NRC Nutrient Profile Requirements

Gourmet Maximum life may be served in it’s Dry State or with Water added. It is always best to use at least ½ Part Tepid Water to 1 Part Dry Food with Dogs & Cats plus a several Dry Kibbles to Scrape Plaque off of Teeth with each Meal.