Evolution Uses Non – GMO Ingredients in
All It’s Pet Foods & Treats

Please try our New Gourmet Maximum Life Non Grain, Non Gluten , Non GMO Dry Kibble Foods For Cats and Dogs.

Our Dog and Cat Kibble contains 30% Vegetable Protein, 14% Polyunsaturated Vegetable Oil

We bake our Gourmet Dry Kibble Foods at the beginning of each Month and Cook our Gourmet Moist Canned Foods at the same time so they are Always Fresh. 

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Ingredients: Gourmet Pasta Dry Dog Kibble Food

Ingredients: Gourmet Pasta Dry Cat Kibble Food

Ingredients: Moist Canned Dog & Cat Food

Ingredients: Gourmet Maximum Life Cat and Dog Food

Ingredients for our new  Gourmet Maximum Life Cat Food & Dog Food are Non Grain, Non Gluten & Non GMO Ingredient, High Protein Vegan Cat & Dog Foods.

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