Eric Weisman, (not a healthcare practice), CEO of Evolution Pet food.

2009-2017 – Best of St. Paul Award For Evolution Pet Food & Nat’l Health Consulting Service. (SM, CA, US)

Yes: Evolution has won the Best Of St. Paul Award for every year from 2009 to 2017.

2017-2018 – Animal Wellness Magazine Best Pick Award for Finest Pet Food & Health Science Procedures for Internal Diseases (LA, CA-ON, CN).

2017-2018 – Canadian Dog Magazine Service Award for Best Pet Food & Best Health Science Service” (LA, CA, US-ON, CDN)

2017-2018 – Amtrak Magazine Nation’s Best Award 2018 (NY, NY, US)

2 – “VegNews Magazine Reader’s Pole Best Awards”, LA, CA;

A “U.S. Congressional Committee Award”, WA, D.C.



“Defend Animals Coalition”, For Best Pet Foods & Best Health Science Consulting Service S.F., CA”;

“Animal Care Foundation” Honolulu, HI;

“Home At Last Sanctuary” Assoc., Lawrenceburg, KY.


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