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Our Mission Statement

Evolution Pet Food Corporation and our National Health Consulting Service is totally dedicated to providing the Very Finest, Most Complete, Quality Pet Foods. We are totally committed to helping Dogs, Cats, and Ferrets.

A Place That Kindness Makes – Dedicated to Lynn Weisman and All Life On Earth

There is no place I’d rather be Than a place of kindness where people and animals are free Where air is clean and wind is gentle Birds sing, Crows Caw and I smell the pettle I taste the grains, fruit and herbs How good it is when we live in the upper burbs My neighbors don’t poison the creatures or lawns They don’t hurt little testosterone cypionate for sale critters with bait and other cons They Smile and Hello me with much verve What heaven is this, the Earth I serve Where people care for those unprotected My House is the House that Beams Where Dogs, Cats and Others share their Dreams It is always open for those that need a place My sweet woman and I share their grace If All Others Would Take to this “Best Way To Live” To Share With people and creatures with no money to Give How close to heaven this Earth would be And All Of Us In It From Greed and Mental Disease We Would Be Free

Evolution Pet Food guarantees that we will never use any Animal By Product ingredients whatsoever. All the ingredients we use are vegetarian and safe for human consumption, even though the food is designed for non-human animals.